I find it so hard to stay motivated to exercise during Vancouver's fall/winter. It is so cold and wet.  Any suggestions on fun ways to break a sweat indoors? I get bored at the gym.


There are tons of great ways to break a sweat and stay active in Vancouver even if you are less inclined to venture outdoors. While nothing is as inexpensive and readily available as bundling up and stepping outside for a run or a walk we know these spots will keep you moving all winter long!

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary (154 West Hastings St. | 1st class is free, Drop-in $25

Get ready to SWEAT! Eastwood's music-filled, high-paced classes are a blast and the tension levels on the Schwinn bikes are controlled by you so that you work at your own pace. Obviously we give this a huge thumbs up because it means fewer injuries and more FUN.  The Eastwood space is an experience in itself with white-washed walls, Moroccan-inspired decor and cool Eucalyptus towels waiting for you at the end of class. Visit their website for all the details!  

Fit In 30 Minutes (527 W 8th Avenue | Semi-private training starting at $30)

This beautiful studio space is located just down the street from our 8th Avenue location and across from Whole Foods so you can bundle your physio, workout and grocery shopping into one stop! Fit In 30 is a totally non-intimidating, friendly fitness studio that prides itself on caring, going the extra mile and efficiency (why spend an hour working out when you can get the same results in 30 minutes?!).  The price points offered here are unbeatable for semi-private and private personal training. Period. That doesn't mean you won't break a sweat or reach your goals.  The team here is all about accountabilty and will help you stay on track to reach your full potential!

Kondi Callenetics (100-1462 West 8th | 5 classes for $75)

If you are injury-free and looking for a serious workout that will really make you sweat hard check out Kondi Fitness immediately.  There are a variety of classes that combine variations of HIIT (high intensity interval training) treadmill sprints, TRX work and callenetics.  In case you've never heard of callenetics (it's been around awhile but it's not as trendy as it should be) it is a non-impact exercise method which uses small controlled pulses to improve muscle tone, correct posture, and promote weight-loss.  If you are looking for a challenge, a fun atmosphere and a kick-butt workout you won't forget Kondi is the place for you. 

Clinical Pilates at Treloar Physiotherapy (595 West 8th | $130/hour

If you are injured, living with any type of chronic pain or you are pre/postnatal, Pilates may be a great indoor exercise option for you. This low impact form of exercise will keep you moving safely while still strengthening your entire body.  Clinical Pilates is taught by a physiotherapist and therefor it is covered under most extended medical plans.  Our warm, welcoming studio will have you feeling relaxed within moments of entering and your therapist will ensure your program is created specifically for your indivual needs. For more information about Clinical Pilates click here