All this rainy Vancouver weather has really made it difficult for me to get outside and practice my normal excerise routine. I am tired of the treadmill and elepitical. I need some fun ideas to get my body moving during this rainy season? Any suggestions? 


6 Activities To Do In Vancouver On A Rainy Day To Get Your Body Moving 

Vancouver is arguable one of the most incredible places to live in the world. The city is surrounded by breathtaking nature, including the ocean, lakes, and mountains. With that being said, the seasonally rainy peaks can sometimes put a "damper" on your everyday exercise and activity routine. Well don't worry! That's exactly why we have put together some fun and active ways to get your body moving in Vancouver, even on a rainy day!

Indoor Skating Rinks and Indoor Pools

When was the last time you put on some skates and tested your balance around the skating rink? Or took some time for yourself and did a few laps around an indoor pool? Try something new and invest in moving your body the right way at the Richmond Oval for a one-stop location that offers skating, swimming, community sports and more! This is a great place to do a ton of indoor activity to really get your body feeling good and moving the right way. Alternatively, Hillcrest Community Centre has a swimming pool and both Kerrisdale and Kitsilano neighbourhoods have community skating rinks with drop-in hours. Get gliding in the water or on the ice to get that heart rate up! 

Indoor Climbing Centre 

There are many ways to move your body and work on your upper body strength in Vancouver, even in the rain. Why not trying something new and exciting? Indoor climbing is an increasingly popular activity and there are tons of centres in and around the city available to anyone! One of our favorites is Cliffhanger Climbing Vancouver 


How does a little indoor salsa or flamenco dancing sound? Or how about belly or swing dancing lessons to get your body moving?! Grab a friend, a partner and your dancing shoes and try something unique and interactive during this rainy season. You will be surprised how quickly you burn up a sweat! One of our favourite spots to get your body shaking and moving is Vancouver’s Harbour Dance Centre.

Indoor Horse Back Riding

A little unknown detail that many Vancouverites aren’t actually aware of, is the fact that there are some really great Equestrian centers that are spread out and located throughout the city. These covered and indoor stables are a great way to get on a horse, take some lessons, have a run ride, and get a really amazing leg workout. Some of our favourites include the North Shore Equestrian Center and the Laura Lynn Equestrian Center!

Indoor Sand Volleyball

We know that the rainy days can really start to drag on after while, and the thought of summer can find itself slipping further and further away. This is why heading over to an indoor sand court is the perfect rainy day activity to lift your spirits and really get your body moving. Drop in to one of our favourites, 6Pack Indoor beach, with a group of friends or even sign up for one of their leagues and tournaments.

Take a Hike

Last, but certainly not least, we challenge you all to brave the less-than-perfect rainy weather and welcome the beauty that Vancouver’s nature provides. There are a ton of incredible hiking trails within and around Vancouver, and a little rain shouldn’t stop us from exploring them. In fact, find time to for you to reflect and enjoy the smells and the sounds that the rain brings to nature. Some of our favourite hiking spots are Lynn Peak and Black Mountain to Eagles Bluff.