Perfect Pregnancy Posture

Physiotherapist, Christina Eng explains the importance of proper posture during pregnancy and how to find correct posture with a growing belly.

Prenatal Pilates Exercises for a Healthy Pregnancy

Physiotherapist, Christina Eng shares exercises that can be done at home to help you stay healthy and strong during your pregnancy.

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Effective Home Exercises to Help Tennis Elbow

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Pilates Exercises for Faster, Stronger, Injury-Free Running

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Common Concussion Symptoms & Treatment from a Physiotherapist

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The Benefits of Exercise for Individuals Recovering from Cancer

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The Active Rehab Program at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic

The objective of the Active Rehab Program at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic is to offer an intensive program to assist in optimal recovery following a motor vehicle accident.

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Physiotherapist and pelvic floor therapist, Penny Wilson discusses how physiotherapy can help incontinence.

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How to Do Kegels Effectively

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