Meet The Team | Jennifer LaRoy

What is your favourite way to break a sweat?
Hiking in all the beautiful mountains we have available to us or running on a trail in the woods!

Who do you look up to and why?
My parents. Selfless, gracious and generous would be just a few of the words to describe them and a few of the reasons why I look up to them!

What is the most challenging thing you've overcome?
Learning to rest and not be constantly accomplishing something has been a challenge but one that I am getting better at!

If you could only eat one more meal what would it be?
It's a weird combination but probably tacos with chocolate cake for dessert!

Last thing you read?
I'm currently reading 'Dare Greatly' by Brene Brown.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Becoming an Aunt! Is that considered an accomplishment?! Oh, and running a marathon!

Next place you want to travel to?
Spain or England.

Why did you become a physio?
I've always found the human body to be fascinating and it seemed like a natural fit to go into a profession where I could continually learn and expand my knowledge in this area. I also had several injuries playing soccer when I was younger and it was the help of a Physiotherapist that got me back on the field.

What is your favourite thing about working as a physiotherapist?
I have a few favourite things! I really enjoy my clients and the opportunity to get to know them over time. Working as a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist gives me the opportunity to care for people in a way that is significant and I feel grateful for the opportunity to be of service in this way. Also, working as a clinical pilates instructor gives me the opportunity to treat people with the whole body in mind!