Meet a Physio: Cass Bennett

Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer
Certified Ergonomist
B.PE, Ex. Sc.

Cass has been with Treloar Physiotherapy for over 20 years. (SHHHHH!!!) Cass graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Physical Education in Exercise Science. He followed university by becoming owner of Fitness Focus health clubs for 10 years. After selling the health clubs and succumbing to Bill Treloars persistent inquiries, Cass joined the growing TPC team. 
Cass started as a kinesiologist working with the occupational rehabilitation program, while continuing to train clients as owner of Bennett Personal Training. He also added Ergonomic Consulting to his resume as he noticed more and more clients suffering from repetitive strain injuries developing from the workplace. By continually expanding his knowledge base Cass has been able to develop specific rehabilitation programs based on his clients needs.
Cass brings years of experience, and enthusiasm to his profession. His general training and background in rehab and many sports make him one of the most popular personal trainers in the city. His ability to motivate all ages, with various levels of fitness, to reach their fitness goals is unparalleled.
 In his spare time, Cass is busy snowboarding, playing soccer, baseball, golf, tennis and any other sport that involves keeping score. He is married with one son and living in Mount Pleasant. Future plans are to be the best Dad ever, continue to motivate my clients, make work fun, be a better golfer, and continue to enjoy life’s adventures.


What is your favourite part of the job? 

After 20 years there has to be more than one. Being able to see the happiness when clients reach what they once thought were unattainable goals. Also, the great friendships I have been lucky to have over the years with my clients. My longest running client has been with me for 18 years!! Finally being able to work with some of the best in the business.



What is your favourite activity to do outside the office?
Spending time with my son. To see him learn and accomplish things is unbelievable. Plus, the things kid say make you laugh for a long time. Oh resort golf is in there somewhere!



What is your favourite way to break a sweat?
Nothing beats a run on a sunny day around Van city. Soccer is a close second.
Where is your next travel destination?
Outside of surprising our son with a trip to Disneyland, a trip to Europe is in the future.
What is your favourite quote?
“You’re not listening, if you’re talking” a quote placed above my desk after my Dad was told by many of my high school teachers that I socialized too much!
If you could eat one food item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Bumble berry pie and vanilla ice cream