Meet The Team | Victoria (Tori) Feige

We are pleased to introduce you to one of our newest team members, Tori Feige! Tori joins our Studio team as a Clinical Pilates instructor (physio with Pilates training). While a student, Tori sustained a serious injury snowboarding and became immersed in the world of physiotherapy and neuro-rehabilitation. Because of this experience, she was inspired to set out on a path which would lead to her become the first physiotherapist in North America to also be a wheelchair user!

Why did you become a physio?
Though my own injuries and rehab, I saw how effective good physiotherapy could be. I love the science of movement and I became a physio to help people move better.

What is your favourite way to break a sweat?
Surfing, Swimming or Skiing Powder

Who do you look up to and why?
Tina Fey, because she’s funny, bright and good at what she does.

What is the most challenging thing you’ve overcome?
Growing up with two older brothers ; )

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Graduating with my Masters in Physiotherapy

If you could only eat one more meal what would it be?
Bocconcini and tomato salad with a cheeseburger on the side.

Last thing you read?
The Rosie Project

Next place you want to travel to?
Costa Rica or Australia

What scares you?
I am afraid of heights, and avalanches.

Virtue & Vice?
Virtue: I ‘own’ it if I make a mistake
Vice:  Procrastination

What’s one thing you would like to accomplish in the next couple of years?
Achieve a real work/life balance and earn my FCAMPT.

What is something you would like your patients to know about you? 
I love working at Treloar and Neuro-Ability, I’ve very lucky to have my two dream jobs!