Acupuncture, IMS & GTT: Effective Complements to Your Physio

By Christina Eng and Steve Wong
Registered physiotherapists

As physiotherapists who are trained & certified to use needling techniques as adjuncts to treatment, we are frequently asked about acupuncture and other dry-needling techniques.  Although the same tool (fine disposable needle) is used, the underlying principle behind each technique is slightly different.

The goals of treatment are similar: to reduce pain and dysfunction, relieve tight muscles, improve mobility and restore function. Following treatment, a graduated exercise program is also needed to increase strength and endurance and to prevent further injury and recurrence.

The following chart helps to identify and differentiate the different dry-needling techniques used at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic(s).

Table 1: Comparative Graph of 3 Different Dry Needling Techniques






















If you are experiencing any of the symptoms/problems which these dry-needling techniques can treat and are wondering which may be best suited to you, please speak with your physiotherapist about setting up a needling appointment.  If you are a new client, and are curious about whether acupuncture, IMS or GTT may be the right course of treatment for you, simply ask our reception team to schedule you with a physiotherapist who offers this service.