Sticking to Your Physio Exercise Program

By physiotherapist Tamarah Calyniuk

Why is it important to adhere to your prescribed therapeutic exercise program?

Sticking to your physiotherapy exercise program at Treloar Exercise is vital for the treatment and management of a wide array of acute and chronic health conditions. Although sometimes seemingly tedious, these exercises are often carefully thought out by your physiotherapist and compliment the progressive nature of our treatment guiding you back to optimal condition.

Your exercise regime should initially always be supervised by your physiotherpist. They should assist you through the actions required to perform the exercise, ensuring you are engaging the appropriate musculature. This is mandatory for your understanding and adherence to your at home exercise routine.

These therapeutic exercises are guaranteed to tackle such issues as muscle imbalances, impingement, postural dysfunction, pain, muscle weakness and instability. These issues are predominent in injuries you, as our clients, are presenting with at the clinic.

Below are a few tips to help you adhere to your prescribed exercises:

1. Have your physiotherapist demonstrate the exercises for you

2. Have your physiotherapist draw out or provide pictures of the exercises you are to perform

3. Only do the sets and reps prescribed. Clarify with your physiotherapist if you are unsure.

4. Make a point of scheduling exercise time into your daily routine (ie. at the gym, lunch hour, upon waking etc.)

5. Keep a diary of the exercises you perform

6. Set some short term and long term goals with your physiotherapist

7. Paste your exercises to a fridge or your computer screen so you can see them as a reminder

8. Set an alarm on your phone, watch or computer as a reminder

9. Use a mirror to ensure you are maintaining correct posture and form


AND most importantly enjoy yourself!!!