Lauren Quigley


What is your background & training?

I graduated from UBC’s Kinesiology program. I’ve worked in aquatics and with contact sports teams as part of their medical staff, and have additional training in sports injury management, athletic taping, concussions, and soft tissue release.

What inspired you to choose this career path?

Targeted exercise is what really helped me to recover after my own injury, and I wanted to be able to help other people do the same for themselves. There’s nothing better than being able to take control and feel connected to your own body again!

Why do you choose to work at Treloar?

It’s all about the people! The clinic is full of people who are passionate about what they do, and are so generous with sharing their knowledge in order to help others.

What are you personally passionate about?

I love learning new ways of moving and pushing myself! Over the past few years I’ve started rock climbing and weightlifting, and have had so much fun building new skills and learning new mechanics.

On rest days you’ll find me reading at the beach, or at home trying out new baking recipes!!