Jane Osborne

MPT, Clinical Pilates

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic: Jane Osborne

B.PE, Ex.Sc

What is your background & training?

As a professional dance artist for over a decade, I was initially drawn to Pilates as a form of cross-training. Ultimately however, it became my primary rehabilitative tool and now continues to be the movement practice I depend on the most to keep my chronic injuries under control, allowing me to live, work, push and play fully in my body. 

With this firsthand experience of just how transformative and supportive the work is, coupled with my endless curiosity for the body, and love of movement, it was an easy decision to want to spend every day sharing this passion with others. 

My hope is that I can translate the Pilates Method to each individual in such a way that they too can experience the quiet power it gives you, the deep strength, flexibility and coordination, and the ease of movement that allows your skeleton to make friends with gravity, and move about the world not just pain-free, but with freedom and confidence.

What inspired you to choose this career path?

I have a BFA in Dance from SFU. PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Teacher Training – Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and Mat, including pre- and post-natal

Pilates from the Center (Classical) Pilates Teacher Training – Reformer, Cadillac, Pole, Chair, Barrels, Auxiliary and Mat

Additional Workshops in Yamuna Body Rolling and Franklin Method Education

Why do you choose to work at Treloar?

Treloar is such a positive community of like-minded individuals committed to helping people feel good in their bodies. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from the rest of the Studio team and our collaborative approach to client care.

What are you personally passionate about?

I’m a self-ascribed Pilates nerd, and I may not dance professionally anymore, but I continue to be passionate about the arts, as well as kitchen dance parties. I’m also an outdoor geek and can otherwise be found mountain biking, skiing, hiking, or kiteboarding.