Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is taught by a Registered Physiotherapist or rehab assistant in our private Pilates studio.   It is used in conjunction with traditional physiotherapy treatments as a form of exercise rehabilitation.  Clinical Pilates is widely used at clinics across Australia and New Zealand and is a proven method of treatment.  Clinical Pilates is particularly beneficial when treating:

Erin Treloar on the Pilates chair at Treloar Studio Broadway

  • Back and neck problems
  • Ankle injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Muscle strains and imbalances
  • Pre and post-natal weakness, aches and pains
  • Arthritis
  • Athletes
  • People who need rehabilitation for muscle and joint injuries
  • People with poor posture, chronic tension, and fatigue
  • Anyone who wants to practice a non-impact strengthening and stretching program

We have two tiers of Pilates at The Studio including Clinical Pilates and Open Reformer Sessions.  



Clinical Pilates is a system of specific exercises based on the work of Joseph Pilates and performed on the Pilates reformer, chair and mat. The exercises are facilitated by a Registered Physiotherapist and are designed to build core stability, balance, strength, and exibility for improved body awareness. 

A one-on-one Pilates session taught by a physiotherapist and designed specifically for you and your body.  These sessions are covered by most extended medical plans under physiotherapy. 


Clinical Pilates utilizes the principles of awareness of breath, muscular control and uidity, and accuracy of movement to safely help individuals regain whole body alignment, improve posture, reduce joint pain, and increase freedom of movement.

The method is especially beneficial for:

  • Runners and athletes
  • Pregnant or post-natal women
  • Individuals with spinal stiffness or joint hypermobility
  • Individuals with chronic back pain
  • Those who regularly sit for extended periods
  • Individuals undergoing post-surgery or post injury rehabilitation


Clinical Pilates sessions are designed to accommodate your needs and tness level. An initial assessment of your abilities, body mechanics and ailments will allow your Physiotherapist to create an individualized plan that helps you safely meet your desired goals.
Sessions focus on the basic principles of breathing, spinal alignment, shoulder placement, neck placement, and deep abdominal connection. You’ll work towards freedom of movement, and leave each session with a greater awareness of your body. 


Open Pilates sessions allow you to use the Pilates equipment under the guidance of an experienced Pilates instructor.  Small groups of three work independently on their individual programs. Clients must be assessed at least once by a Clinical Pilates instructor to be cleared for Open Reformer Sessions.

Clients are responsible for checking with their individual insurance providers to confirm coverage for Clinical Pilates. 

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