Active Rehab & Return to Work

Active Rehabilitation Program

Our aim is to offer an intensive active rehabilitation program to assist in optimal recovery following a motor vehicle accident or for those recovering from injuries resulting in long-term disability. 

This program is also open to individuals who are looking to increase their physical activity with the guidance of a registered Kinesiologist. 

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If you have any further inquiries about the Active Rehab Program at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic, please contact our program manager Curtis Wong (BScPT) at npgvireruno@gerybneculfvb.pbz.

The Work Conditioning Program

The Work Conditioning Program is a rehabilitation program designed to assist individuals who have sustained musculoskeletal injuries in achieving a safe and sustainable return to work. The conditioning program is an individualized program that is involves education, injury-specific strengthening, cardiovascular and flexibility training, as well as, functional and work-simulated activities. The program is progressed gradually and focus is placed on improving overall functional ability in order to prepare individuals for returning to work and leisure activities.

Gradual Return to Work Program

The Gradual Return to Work Program assists individuals who require a more graduated introduction back to their workplace after an injury.  The program is tailored to the individual and their job specific demands.  The program includes a written plan scheduling job duties and hours at the job site to facilitate a safe, sustainable return to work.  If required, work simulation, strength and stability exercises will be integrated into the program plan. Our Return-to-Work coordinator will communicate with the employer, worker and the appropriate medical professionals to ensure the plan is implemented successfully.   The plan will be monitored and adjusted as required for up to 12 weeks.  

This program can be completed concurrent to treatment or at the completion of rehabilitation.

Modified Functional Assessment (Critical job Demands Analysis) 

Our modified functional assessment determines if a worker can meet the physical demands of their job based on their job requirements and the extent and area of their injury. Job demands may include lifting, pushing/pulling, reaching or sustained postures and are determined by liaising with the worker and/or employer. Following the assessment, the employer will receive a report outlining the workers limitations and the job demands they are unable to meet.   If necessary, a Job Site Visit can be completed by a kinesiologist from Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic to determine the critical job demands of the position.   

Job Site Visits

A Job Site Visit is when a Kinesiologist from Treloar Physiotherapy visits a workplace to determine the critical job demands of an occupation.  Critical job demands may include things like sustained postures, lifting or pushing and pulling that could affect the area of injury. A site visit typically involves meeting with the injured worker and a supervisor at the workplace at a time that is convenient for them.  A site visit report will include a summary of the critical job demands as well as recommendations to accommodate the injured worker with modified duties.