Active Rehab Program Components

Physical Assessment

Every client will receive a thorough physical and functional abilities assessment by a registered kinesiologist.  Based on the assessment findings, an individualized program will be designed to help the client return to their pre-injury activities of daily living.  The program will be tailored to the client based on their injury, their job requirements and their leisure pursuits.

Active Rehabilitation

Clients will follow a program specifically designed for them to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. There will be a written treatment plan and functional outcomes will be assessed. The program will consist of at least one hour per session of a supervised exercise program with a kiniesiologist, to address the problems identified by the initial assessment. There will be a cardiovascular component along with postural training, core exercises, stretching, strengthening and movement retraining in all the programs. We also have a well-developed work simulation exercise program that will be a part of retraining where appropriate.


Clients will be educated on safety and correct body mechanics throughout the program. They will be taught proper exercise techniques and have assistance in finding the optimal body position for every exercise they do in the program. Upon completion of the program the client should have good body awareness and a solid understanding of how to do their program so they can continue independently.

Physiotherapy Support

Our aim is to give the individual the best chance for recovery.  There is increasing evidence that using joint and soft tissue mobilization in combination with an exercise program provides a better outcome than using just physiotherapy or just exercise alone.

Physiotherapy support for a program will only be recommended where poor mobility may be slowing progress or preventing the individual from being able to do the exercise prescribed.  The collaborative efforts between the kinesiologist and the physiotherapist will provide your client with optimal care.


An initial assessment report, included in every program, will detail the assessment findings and the recommended treatment plan.  If required, additional reporting can be requested throughout a client's program.  Outcome measures will be used throughout the program to monitor the client's progress and will be included in each report.


Generally, a program will include 2 to 3 sessions per week over an eight week period, however programs can be tailored to suit the individual needs of a client.  Every program will include a comprehensive assessment along with an intake report and treatment planning.

If required, a client will attend sessions with a physiotherapist during the course of their program to deal with any specific joint or soft tissue issues that may impede their ability to follow a prescribed exercise plan.