Injury Prevention & Core Stabilization for Nurses

Do you feel like the physical demands of your job are taking a toll on your body? Whether you’ve been struggling with back, neck or shoulder pain or want to learn more about keeping your body healthy and strong throughout your career, this workshop is for you! Join us for a hands on, informative and interactive workshop led by Physiotherapists and Clinical Pilates Instructors, Hayley Huculak and Allison Kalls.

  • Improve your postural awareness
  • Learn exercises to help you move well and prevent injuries
  • Discover Pilates based activation/rehab exercises that will help you ignite your intrinsic stabilizers and decreasing compensation movement strategies
  • Get tips on how to prevent common work related injuries
  • Q&A with physiotherapists

The workshop will include an interactive educational session at our Pilates studio. Everyone will leave with tips to improve body awareness throughout their workday and with exercises they can incorporate into their at home training routine. Healthy snacks will be provided!

The Details:

Date: Tuesday June 20th

Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Location: Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic, 595 West 8th Avenue

Cost: $30

To register please call 604-875-6207.  Spaces are limited (15 max).