The Kerrisdale Team

Steve Wong

Physiotherapist, IMS, Acupuncture, GTT, Sport Conditioning

Steve completed his Bachelor of Human Kinetics at UBC in 1998, followed by his post-graduate physiotherapy degree at the University of Toronto in 2001. Prior to returning to Vancouver in 2007, he worked in a busy multi-disciplinary sport medicine clinic in Toronto, Ontario. In 2005, Steve successfully completed the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's post-graduate Advanced Diploma in Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy while becoming a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists. Steve is also certified in Acupuncture, Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), Gokavi Transverse Technique (GTT) and is a Level 2 TWIST Sport Conditioning Coach. 

Steve's treatment philosophy includes using a combination of manual and dry-needling techniques to restore normal joint and tissue mobility and then applying specific & focused exercise techniques to restore function and minimize injury reoccurrence.

Steve's area of interest includes treating complex shoulder problems and spinal instabilities. He has had success treating a wide variety of clients including national level athletes, rowers, gymnasts, trampolinists, musicians & 'weekend warriors'.

As a certified Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Medical Professional (TPI - MP3), Steve also works with golfers of all ages and abilities, assessing and treating any physical and bio-mechanical restrictions that may be contributing to faulty, injury inducing swing mechanics.  He also uses to the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) as a fundamental movement pattern screening tool.

Outside of work: In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, golfing, basketball, ultimate, snowboarding and researching his next flight of travel plans. 

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Stacy Benmore

Physiotherapist, Vestibular Rehabilitation
BSc, MSc (PT), Dip.Manip.PT, FCAMPT, CAFCI

Stacy completed her Master of Science in Physiotherapy at McMaster University in 2004. For the last six years she has been working in private orthopaedic practise. She has successfully completed the Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. Stacy has a special interest in teaching - she spends time working as a teaching assistant in the UBC Physical Therapy Masters program, and also teaches educational workshops on osteoarthritis to the public through the Arthritis Society. She treats various musculoskeletal injuries, balance and dizziness disorders with a combined approach of manual therapy, education and specific exercise.

Outside of work: To keep active Stacy runs, hikes, plays softball and works on her golf game.

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Jonathan Tom-Yew


Jonathan graduated from The University of British Columbia with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy in 2011. He also completed his Bachelor of Science majoring in Cell Biology/Genetics and minoring in Human Kinetics in 2008. Since completing his Master of Physical Therapy, Jonathan has continued to develop professionally through continuing education and mentorship. Most recently, Jonathan completed his Advanced Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's Orthopaedic division. Jonathan is also certified in Acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada and has incorporated dry needling into his practice since 2013. Jonathan believes in an individualized treatment program that is comprised of manual therapy, dry needling (Acupuncture), and therapeutic exercise in order to restore balance and function to the human body. 

Jonathan enjoys all aspects of physiotherapy, including sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, and the rehabilitation of those following neurological injury. Jonathan is also an ambassador for the Thera-Band Academy.

Outside of work: Jonathan keeps active through playing soccer in the Vancouver Metro Soccer League,  rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and Crossfit.

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Chelsea Elvy


Chelsea completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto in 2016.  Prior to that, Chelsea completed her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from Simon Fraser University (SFU) where she was also Captain and an Academic All-Canadian as a member of the Women's Varsity Volleyball team.   Drawing from her experience as a competitive athlete as well as recovering from sport-related injuries, Chelsea has a passion for sports injury rehabilitation and has developed a clinical interest in working with athletes of all ages.  Along with the use of manual therapy, soft-tissue release and specific individualized exercises, she also incorporates mindfulness and meditation strategies to treat a variety of conditions.

Chelsea is orignally from Powell River, BC and after living in Toronto for school, felt the call to return back to the west coast where she worked at a private clinic in Vernon, BC.  After a year in the Okanagan, she moved back to Vancouver where she is now in the process of completing her Level 2 Manual Therapy certification with the Canadian Physiotherapy Associations's Orthopedic Division.

Outside of work: Chelsea enjoys spending time with friends, staying active through running, weight lifting, playing volleyball or soccer, and loves trying new exercise classes.

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Teryn Buna

Physiotherapist, Vestibular & Oculomotor Rehabilitation
BSc(Hons), MPT, MPthy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy), IDN

Teryn qualified as a Physiotherapist from UBC after developing a firm understanding of the body through a Bachelor of Science in Health & Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary.  Her early years in the world of private practice physiotherapy left her with many questions which pushed her to pursue further studies.  In 2014, she completed a post-graduate Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland in Australia.  After completing her studies she incorporated research assistant and clinical education work around Australia along-side her clinical work.

During her studies, Teryn developed a passion for treating neck-related problems including headaches, neck-related dizziness and concussions.  She treats these injuries with a focussed hands-on approach and active rehabilitation.  Her aim is to help her patients overcome their injuries and get back to living their best life using a combination of manual therapy, dry-needling, oculomotor training, education and targeted exercise prescription.

In addition to working in the clinic, Teryn was able to combine her passion for physio and Ultimate Frisbee while working with Australian teams at the World Beach Ultimate Championships in France 2017.

Teryn can also speak French and Spanish.

Outside of work: Teryn is a keen Ultimate Frisbee player.  When not on the playing field, she loves all sorts of adventures including hiking, climbing, skiing, squash and latin dancing!




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Christina Eng

Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor

*currently on maternity-leave till September 2018*

Christina completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta in 2007.  Upon graduation, she returned home to Vancouver and has since worked in private practice orthopedic physiotherapy.  She has successfully completed the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedic Division's Advanced Examination in Manual and Manipulative Therapy and is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists.  

In addition to her practice of physiotherapy, Christina is also a Clinical Pilates Instructor having  completed the rehabiltation stream (Mat and Reformer) in STOTT pilates.  As well, she brings extensive experience as a kinesiologist, exercise therapist and personal trainer.  She enjoys treating all types of patients and firmly believes in an individualized, multi-modal treatment philosophy combining manual therapy, dry-needling/acupuncture, pilates  and other specific exercise techniques to improve mobility, restore function and prevent injury.

As a new mom, Christina has developed a keen-interest in treating pre- and post-natal women and helping them restore balance in their new bodies.  

Christina can speak Cantonese and some Mandarin

Outside of work: In her free time, Christina enjoys spending time with her family, staying active by playing field hockey and getting outside or hitting the gym for a good sweat!

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Penny Wilson

Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Therapist

Penny is a graduate from UBC and has worked in the area of women’s health for 30 years.  She co-founded the Continence Clinic at BC Women’s Health Centre, and is a Clinical Instructor in the Masters of Physical Therapy program at UBC.  She teaches a postgraduate course for physiotherapists, 'Continence and Pelvic Floor Re-education in the Female Patient'.  Penny has presented at many conferences and workshops both for healthcare professionals and the public.  She’s currently involved in research on urinary incontinence in survivors of gynecological cancer.

Penny treats women of all ages from teens to pregnant and postpartum women to postmenopausal women. She offers treatment for many aspects of female pelvic floor problems: urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, obstructed defecation, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction related to the pelvic floor.

Penny states, “I am passionate about dispelling the myth that incontinence and other pelvic floor problems are just something women have to put up with.  Pelvic floor problems can affect all aspects of women’s lives: ability to exercise, travel, sexual relationships, mental health and even their ability to hold down a job. Physiotherapy for pelvic floor dysfunction is highly effective.  I’ve been a physio for a long time and this is by far the most gratifying work I’ve ever done, because it works.”

In her spare time Penny can be found up Hollyburn Mountain hiking or snow shoeing with her family and her dog Dakota.  Her favourite vacations are cycling trips with friends just about anywhere!

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Jonathan Poon

Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor
BSc(Kin), MPthy

Jonathan completed his Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 2010 and has been working as a physiotherapist in Brisbane, Australia, until recently moving back to Vancouver in November 2016.  Prior to that he worked as a Registered Kinesiologist following the completion of this Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Certificates in Health and Fitness and Applied Human Nutrition from Simon Fraser University in 2006.

Jonathan has extensive training in Clinical Pilates and is a certified Pilates Instructor through Polestar Pilates.  He is also certified in Musculoskeletal Acupuncture and Dry Needling through Combined Health.  Jonathan has worked with patients of all ages and abilities which has included professional athletes and dancers.

Sport and physical activity have played a large role throughout his life.  Over the past 5 years, Jonathan has been drawn to the mind-body benefits of yoga, which he practices almost daily.  The combination of his work and personal practice experience has influenced the way he approaches his physiotherapy treatment.

Jonathan has a holistic movement-focussed approach to physiotherapy.  Whether for pain, rehabilitation or performance, he uses a combination of manual therapy, exercise and other modalities to achieve optimal movement quality.  Jonathan has a strong belief in an individualized approach to patient management and therefore emphasizes patient education and empowerment throughout his treatment.

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Cynthia Lau

Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Cynthia completed her Master of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia.  Since graduating from UBC, Cynthia has received training in various professional development courses such as manual therapy, Acupuncture, Sports First-Responder and Rehab Reformer through the STOTT Pilates approach.

Cynthia's treatment philosophy includes a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, dry-needling (acupuncture) and taping to promote recovery and improve function.  She has a special interest in incorporating clinical pilates into one's overall treatment plan. 

When not in the clinic, Cynthia also serves as team physiotherapist for the UBC Old Boys Ravens Rugby Club where she focusses on the rehabiliation of sports injuries.

Outside of work: In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys playing field hockey, basketball, hiking and snowboarding.  She has also recently begun running the occasional half-marathon, and is always looking to achieve a new personal best.


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Alex Thompson

Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor
BFA (Dance), MScPT

Alex completed her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at York University.  Alex's introduction to dance science while at York U, coupled with her experience as a dance teacher for 12 years inspired her to purse a career in physiotherapy.  She also has completed training in clinical mat and reformer pilates through STOTT Pilates.

Alex's love of dance and physiotherapy have combined into a passion for Dance Science.  She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science and Healthy Dancer Canada.  She is committed to ensuring that young dancers understand how to keep their bodies healthy and moving for years to come

She currently splits her time between public and private practice, working with dancers and non-dancers alike of all ages and movement backgrounds.  She has experience working in the areas of arthritis, falls prevention as well as post-operative care.  To empower her clients while keeping them moving at their best, Alex's treatment approach emphasizes active rehabilitation in combination with clinical pilates, manual therapy and education.

Outside of work: Alex enjoys dancing, hiking, playing ultimate frisbee and golfing.  She is a new triathlete and recently completed her first sprint distance race.


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Jennifer Li

Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates & Pelvic Floor Therapist

* Starts July 27th, 2018*

Jennifer graduated from the University of British Columbia where she completed her Master of Physical Therapy in 2012 and Bachelor of Human Kinetics in 2009.

Jennifer has post-graduate training in Clinical Pilates (including ante- and post-natal pilates) through APPI, Pelvic Floor Health, Vestibular Rehabiliation and Acupuncture.  She also works part-time in public healthcare delivering 1:1 client care and education in group settings about pain science and persistent pain conditions.  By combining her skills and experience, Jennifer provides rehabilitative and preventative treatment by giving her clients the tools and knowledge to become independent in achieving their goals.

Jennifer's interest in physiotherapy grew when she was working as a receptionist at a physiotherapy and sports medicine clinic.  She quickly learned the value and impact that physiotherapy can have on a person's rehabilitative journey.  Having been in both the role of the patient as well as the physiotherapist, she has been able to approach each of her clients with compassion.  Jennifer believes that continued professional development is integral to growing and expanding her skillset as a physiotherapist.

When Jennifer isn't working, you can find her out for a trail run, hiking or planning her next travel adventure!


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Yvonne Sui

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist
BSc, RAc

Yvonne graduated from Pacific Rim College's 3-year Diploma of Acupuncture program in 2016, and completed the national board exams to become a licensed member of the BC regulatory board, CTCMA.  She previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Victoria in 2010.

Using the theory and holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yvonne is able to treat a wide variety of conditions.  She is passionate about using acupuncture to treat issues ranging from stress, anxiety/depression, insomnia, to digestive disorders and smoking cessation.  Yvonne also has a special interest in women's health issues such as menstruation regulation, infertility, pregnancy and labour.  Her approach includes the use of traditional acupuncture, cupping, Tui-Na massage, gua sha and moxibustion.

While at Pacific Rim College, Yvonne has also taken supplementary workshops in Traditional Acupuncture in Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum,  Channel Examination and Diagnosis as well as Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Outside of work: In her spare time, Yvonne enjoys hiking, swimming, road trips, dabbling with arts and crafts and photography.


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Christine Strang

Office Manager

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Eliza Chan


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Kimberly Szeto


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