What Is Dynamic Bike Fitting

The Importance of a Bike Fit

A bike fit is a highly individualized and customized fitting of a bike to the cyclist.

It is key to helping you feel the most comfortable, efficient, and powerful while riding on the road or in the mountains.

It is a dynamic process because any slight alteration of one part of the bike may affect how the body fits the bike elsewhere.  For instance, how your cleats are adjusted to your pedal will affect the position you sit on your saddle, and further up the body how your shoulders and hands fall onto your handlebars.  Our body changes with age, flexibility, strength and biking biomechanics changes, so our optimal fit can change with it over time.  The presence of bodily injuries and pain require further added attention and expertise as to what someone’s optimal fit is.  An annual fitting can be extremely helpful to account for all these factors over time.

Who Will Benefit

Our team of highly qualified, Bike Fit Systems certified, registered physiotherapists will help you look at your optimal fit.  As human body movement specialists, we will also help you reduce the risk of injury, as well as treat and manage those injuries related to cycling.

Some common complaints and injuries include:

  • Low back and neck spinal pain
  • Patellofemoral and hip pain
  • Patellar and Achilles tendinopathy
  • Pins and needles, or numbness in the pelvic and saddle region, hands and feet

Whether a recreational or a commuter rider, or someone who is more competitive in the sport, everyone can benefit from reducing risk of injury, while increasing comfort and longevity.

The Bike Fit Process

  • A thorough history of your previous and current injuries, biking volume and training, and overall goals of your fit.
  • A physical examination of your overall mobility and flexibility, posture, and biomechanics while riding the bike on a trainer.
  • Bike adjustments at the cleats and pedals, saddle, handlebars and overall cockpit set up while documenting body and bike measurements. In some cases, changes to certain bike parts may be recommended.
  • If necessary, specific physiotherapy related exercises are discussed, and a home program may be initiated and further followed up.
  • The bike fit can take approximately 90 mins to perform, depending on what is needed.

What to Bring to a Bike Fit

  • Bring bike in clean good working order, no parts of the bike are seized up (eg saddle or handlebar or bolts are not stuck), bike bags and panniers removed
  • Cycling shorts/ jersey or shirt/ cleats/ footwear (screws not stuck and cleaned)
  • Helmet/ gloves/ eyewear

Service Rates

Road, mountain, and commuter bike fit: $225 CAD

Additional time/ sessions after initial bike fit: $150 CAD per hour

Please look into your own extended health insurance plan requirements as to whether or not you will need a doctor’s note for physiotherapy (usually not required).  Because part of the bike fit includes components of a physiotherapy assessment and treatment, generally a portion of it may be covered.

How to Book a Bike fit Appointment:

Please email bikefit@treloarphysio.com or call our office at 604-875-6207.

Please indicate the type of fit required (road/ mountain/ recreational), date and time preferences.