What Is Dynamic Bike Fitting

There many good Saturday mornings when I remember riding my road bike and thoroughly taking in the beautiful BC scenery.  Time flies by and I’m feeling like my bike was made just for me.  I’m relieved and happy at the same time when I’ve realized my back pain is not there, and I’m not feeling any major part of the bike as I ride.

A dynamic bike fit is key to helping your body feel your bike less as you ride.  Feeling comfortable, in control, efficient, and powerful on your bike is what you want.  A great fit can also help optimize your biomechanics to maximize your potential and overall performance on your bike.  Cyclists from all areas of life can benefit, including recreational riders, commuters to work, and competitive riders who want to push their training distances on the bike.  Imagine the effects on your body if you rode your bike for 3-4 hours straight, or 50 km+ a week and not be perfectly comfortable!

A bike fit is a dynamic process because any slight alteration of one part of the bike can affect how your body forms and fits to another part of the bike.  There are 5 contact points of the body on the bike (saddle, 2 pedals and 2 points on handlebars) that can be adjusted to customize your bike to your body.  For instance, changing your seat height will not only change the angle of your knees as you pedal, but can also impact how your trunk, shoulder and hands and wrists will land on the handle bars.

A Bike Fit certified physiotherapist can help optimize these body positions and angles.  Also, a physiotherapist has specialized knowledge on how to help you minimize repetitive stresses to your body, reduce risk to injuries and manage your ride in the presence of injuries. First, a physical assessment of your alignment, strength and movement control is important to identify potential contributing factors to injury.  Next, an individually designed exercise program addressing these causes will help you become more “fit” to bike the distances that you desire.  Because our human body does change over time with age, an annual bike fit is beneficial to re optimize our bike fit.

An optimal bike fit is helping the bike best fit your body, as well as helping your body equally be fit to bike.

We look forward to fitting you on your commuter, mountain, or road bike!

To book a bike fit with one of our Bike Fit certified physiotherapists, please email (bikefit@treloarphysio.com).

Written By: Carman Wong – Physiotherapist