Cambie & 8th Testimonials


Treloar is magical. I was so nervous to start the entire physio experience, especially while working with pain, but the entire staff, which you get to know just by being at Treloar, is understanding, sympathetic, caring, very accurate and medically educated. My physio encourages me to set goals and achieve them, and there was even a time when we decided to make my sessions more challenging, but after about a month he could tell that it was too much for me, and he very professionally got me back to my original program. My physio wants to hear how I am doing so he can continue to perform the most effective sessions possible. I highly recommend Treloar for everyone and all of our different physio needs.

Kara Young


I am a long term patient of Treloar Physiotherapy and consistently recommend the practice to anyone who so much as hints at needing a physio!

My treatment here has always been beneficial and thoughtful, despite having some fairly unusual injuries. The physios listen to the practical realities of my day-to-day when formulating any recovery plans, with at home exercises/stretches that are achievable and fit within my schedule. While I always feel that the treatment is thorough, I have never felt like I was heading back for “check-ups” un-necessarily – I know it was both our goals to get better as quickly as possible and to prevent further injury. I have seen a few different therapists over the years and have found all the staff friendly, supportive and professional.

Andrew Wood