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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Vancouver

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With over 40 years in the community, our experienced professionals are committed to providing exceptional care tailored to your needs.

Innovative Treatments

Leveraging the latest in healthcare research and techniques, we offer innovative treatments designed to accelerate your recovery and enhance your quality of life.

Empowerment and Education

We’re dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and tools for a healthier, more active lifestyle, guiding you towards achieving your wellness goals.

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What is Traditional Chinese Acupuncture?

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the process of inserting very fine, sterile needles into carefully selected points along the body to stimulate the flow of energy, increase blood flow, and remove blockages so that the Qi can be dispersed and regulated. By stimulating the body’s various systems, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can help to resolve pain, improve sleep and digestive function as well as promote a general sense of well-being.

Embrace Balance and Wellness with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic’s Kerrisdale location offers Traditional Acupuncture based on the theories and techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been used as a method for balancing the body’s energy (Qi) to prevent illness and injury, and maintain good health.

Find Relief with Personalized Chinese Acupuncture

Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture has been an effective treatment for many diseases, symptoms, and conditions including:

Your Path to Healing Begins Here

For your initial appointment, the registered acupuncturist will ask you for a general medical history and then will proceed with a TCM assessment and diagnosis. This typically includes observation, listening, questioning, pulse taking and palpation.

For the acupuncture treatment, very fine sterile needles will be placed on specific points on the body based on the assessment. The acupuncture needles are usually left in place for 15 to 30 minutes and then removed. Acute symptoms may require only two to four treatments, whereas it is common to have as many as 12 or more treatments for chronic cases.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture?

If you’re seeking a natural, effective approach to managing your health concerns, look no further than Traditional Acupuncture at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing a healing experience that not only addresses your symptoms but also enhances your overall quality of life.

Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment and embark on your journey to better health and wellness.


  • Initial Visit – $130
  • Subsequent Visit – $130/$105

*Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is offered at our Kerrisdale location only

For our Traditional Chinese Cupping rates and offerings, please see here.

ICBC patients are pre-approved for 12 visits within a 12-week period from the date of their accident. For more information, please contact our Kerrisdale clinic.

Insurance Partners

Enjoy hassle-free direct billing at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic! We work with a wide variety of major insurance companies, to ensure your focus remains on your recovery, not the paperwork. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Vancouver FAQs

The number of acupuncture sessions required varies depending on the individual and the condition being treated. Acute conditions may see significant improvement within two to four sessions, while chronic conditions often require more. Your acupuncturist will provide a personalized treatment plan after your initial assessment, giving you a clearer idea of what to expect in terms of session frequency and overall treatment duration.

Yes, acupuncture can be effectively combined with other treatments. It is often used as a complementary therapy alongside other physiotherapy techniques. Combining acupuncture with other treatments can enhance recovery, improve treatment outcomes, and support overall well-being. Your acupuncturist and physiotherapy team will work together to ensure that your treatment plan is cohesive and tailored to your specific needs.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is suitable for a wide range of people and conditions. It can be particularly beneficial for those seeking alternative or complementary treatments for pain, stress, chronic conditions, and more. If you’re unsure whether acupuncture is right for you, scheduling a consultation with a registered acupuncturist at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic can provide clarity. During the consultation, you can discuss your health concerns, treatment goals, and any questions you may have to determine if acupuncture aligns with your wellness journey.