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Bike Fit

Elevate Your Cycling Experience

At Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic, we understand the passion that drives cyclists, whether you’re navigating the urban landscape, tackling rugged mountain trails, or pushing the limits on the road. That’s why we’ve specialized in Bike Fitting Physiotherapy, offering a unique service that combines our expertise in human body movement with advanced Bike Fit Systems certification.

Experience the Difference Today

Whether you’re looking to improve your cycling performance, manage or prevent injuries, or simply enjoy a more comfortable ride, our Bike Fitting Physiotherapy service in Vancouver is here to help. At Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic, we’re committed to helping you reach your cycling goals through personalized, expert care. Let us help you find your perfect fit and unlock a new level of cycling enjoyment and success.

Bike Fit Assessments are offered at our Cambie & 8th location only.

To book this treatment please email bikefit@treloarphysio.com.

Please indicate the type of fit required (road/ mountain/ recreational), date and time preferences.

Tailored Bike Fit Assessments by Certified Experts

Our team of registered physiotherapists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each bike fitting session. Certified in Bike Fit Systems, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of cycling disciplines, including commuter, road, and mountain biking. 

Each fit session is tailored to your specific needs, focusing on key adjustments such as cleat/pedal positioning, saddle height and positioning, and handlebar setup. These precise modifications are designed to enhance your cycling comfort and boost your overall performance.

Reducing Injury Risk and Enhancing Performance

As specialists in human body movement, our approach goes beyond simple equipment adjustments. We’re here to help you reduce your risk of injury by ensuring your bike fit aligns perfectly with your body’s mechanics.

For cyclists dealing with existing injuries, our physiotherapy expertise allows us to offer treatments and management strategies that get you back in the saddle safely and effectively. Moreover, for those looking to elevate their cycling performance, our tailored bike fitting service and training program recommendations can provide the edge you need.

Insurance Partners

Enjoy hassle-free direct billing at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic! We work with a wide variety of major insurance companies, to ensure your focus remains on your recovery, not the paperwork. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Bike Fitting Physiotherapy Vancouver FAQs

During your Bike Fit Assessment, you’ll undergo a comprehensive evaluation that includes a discussion about your cycling goals, injury history, and any discomfort you experience while riding. Your physiotherapist will then conduct a physical assessment focusing on flexibility, strength, and specific biomechanical issues. Using this information, they’ll adjust your bike settings for optimal alignment, efficiency, and comfort. The session is interactive, so you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout to ensure the adjustments meet your needs.

We recommend getting a bike fit whenever you get a new bike, experience a change in your physical condition, or if your cycling goals have evolved. Additionally, periodic reviews can be beneficial, especially if you’re increasing your riding volume or intensity. As your body adapts to cycling, minor adjustments might be necessary to maintain the perfect fit, ensuring ongoing comfort and performance optimization.

Not at all. Cyclists of all levels, from casual weekend riders to competitive racers, can benefit from a bike fit. Whether you’re looking to improve comfort on long rides, reduce the risk of injury, or shave seconds off your personal best, a professional bike fit can contribute significantly to a more enjoyable and effective cycling experience.

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