Telehealth (Online) Acupuncture Vancouver

Your Telehealth (Online) Acupuncture appointment will focus on the traditional acupuncture points through the use of physical pressure with your hands rather than the insertion of acupuncture needles. This is commonly referred to as acupressure.

Acupressure utilizes the same points and medical theory as used in Traditional Acupuncture. Hands and fingers are used to apply steady pressure to specific points on the body.  This pressure stimulates the nervous system, increases blood flow and regulates the body’s own energy which in turn helps us to function better as the body tries to heal itself.

Along with your symptoms subsiding, you will feel a peaceful nourishing relaxation similar to when you receive traditional acupuncture. Once you learn point locations appropriate for managing your symptoms ,you’ll be able to stimulate them throughout the day for ongoing relief.

Traditional Acupuncture will have a deeper more permanent effect on your nervous system but acupressure is vital and beneficial to learn for your immune, physical, and mental health during this time of social distancing.

Online Acupuncture FAQs

The acupuncturist will perform an assessment to determine which acupuncture points will be most useful for your self-care treatment plan. You will then be shown how to locate these points by yourself and how to stimulate them by applying a steady pressure with your fingers. This process is otherwise known as acupressure. In addition, we’ll also send you ‘press-tacks’ or ‘self-applied sticker needles’ in advance of your appointment. These are little round band-aids that have tiny acupuncture needles attached to each of them to help reinforce the therapeutic effects.

You have one of two options to sign into the online appointment:

  • Option 1: You can use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam
  • Option 2: You can use an Android or iOS mobile device (phone or tablet) with the physiapp app downloaded on it

Note: Online sessions on all of these devices run optimally on google Chrome or Firefox.

If your credit card number is not already on file, your acupuncturist will ask for this information following your appointment. This info will be inputted and stored securely into our online booking and billing software. The credit card will only be used to process payment for Telehealth sessions. Following payment, a receipt will be emailed to you for your records.

If your needles haven’t arrived in the mail prior to your appointment, we can be flexible. We can proceed with the appointment as planned and schedule a complimentary follow-up session to then teach you how to apply the press-tack needles.

No, it’s a lot like putting on a sticker. You might feel a little initial pinch when you press it onto your skin, but usually you won’t feel anything. The needles do not break the dermis layer of the skin, so there is no risk of infection.

You really can’t do it wrong. The acupuncturist will ask you to press on a very specific area in search of a tender spot. You’ll know it when you find it.

You can leave the press-tack needles in for 1 – 3 days. If at any time the press-tacks are starting to get uncomfortable, fall off or get dirty, take them off, place them on a cotton ball or tissue and throw them in the garbage.

Yes, you can bathe and shower with them on, though the more you get them wet, the faster they’ll come off.