Carly Lochbaum


Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic: Carly Lochbaum


What is your background & training?

I graduated from UBC with a Bachelors in Kinesiology in 2009. I went on to complete my Masters in Physiotherapy in 2013 and have since done training in dry needling, manipulative/manual therapies, and myofascial release, total joint replacement and TMJ.

What inspired you to choose this career path?

After working as a Kinesiologist and athletic trainer with UBC rugby, I was craving to learn how to better treat populations from car accidents to elite athletes with their ailments.

Why do you choose to work at Treloar?

There is a great team environment and a depth of expertise amongst colleagues.

What are you personally passionate about?

I am passionate about hiking, volleyball, biking, wine and yoga.