Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises for Pickleball

With Spring upon us, you may be looking to stay active by playing pickleball in an outdoor environment.  It’s a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It can also be played both indoors and outdoors on a badminton sized court or slightly modified tennis court.  A paddle and plastic ball with holes is used and games can be played as doubles or singles.  Best of all, pickleball can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels!

Before you head out to one of the courts in the city, a dynamic warm-up is recommended to activate the nervous and muscular system, to prepare the whole body for quick change of pace movements which will help to prevent injury.

Here’s a quick warm-up that includes a series of movements what will prepare your ankles, knee, hips, back and shoulders for pickleball:

Slow Jog: Down and Back

Slow Jog: Down and Backpedalling

Slow Jog : Side Shuffles

Slow Jog: Change of Speed (slow/fast/slow)

High Knees

High Heels

Heel Walking

Toe Walking

Ready Position Base Squat (Triple Flexion)

1/4 Lunge with Trunk Rotation

Hip Pendulums

Hip Pendulums in a Side Ways Motion

Arm Circles

Arm hugs

The warm-up should make you feel ‘warm’ and help the mind and body feel awake as you prepare to move your body with a variety of speed and direction to hit the pickleball.

Video By: Steve Wong