Serena Midttun

Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Clinical Pilates

What is your background & training?

I completed my Bachelor of Kinesiology followed by a Master’s of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia. During my time at UBC I worked in a spinal cord injury research center investigating physical activity outcomes in people with spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. This really ignited by passion for a career in rehabilitation & I started working in Neurorehabilitation. I continue to work in this field but have grown an interest in expanding my practice to Clinical Pilates. I have completed the STOTT Rehab Reformer Courses, and am certified in the Bradcliff Breathing Method, Love Your Brain Yoga, as well as vestibular & concussion therapy.

What inspired you to choose this career path?

I am passionate about getting people back to doing activities they love! Whether it’s physical activity, sport, leisure activities, hobbies, playing with kids or grandkids – these activities give meaning & inspiration to our lives & I enjoy helping getting people back to the things they love.

Why do you choose to work at Treloar?

Treloar has an outstanding reputation for high quality care, patient centered practice, and placed an emphasis on continuing education. These values align with mine and I am excited to get to be a part of the team!

What are you personally passionate about?

I am fascinated by the human body and all it’s amazing capabilities. I enjoy working with clients through movement re-education and physical activity to help them achieve their unique rehabilitation goals.

Outside of the Clinic, I love the outdoors and enjoy spending time outside in our beautiful province, hiking, kayaking, skiing and snow shoeing!