After 6 weeks of having an anterior shoulder dislocation, would you suggest going back to lifting weights (powerlifter), and if so, is there any recommendations of lifts that I should avoid for my life?

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic: Vancouver Physiotherapy

Shoulder dislocation usually occurs from a traumatic injury and displaces
the head of the humerus from the shoulder socket.  This displacement will
cause tearing or partial tearing of the ligaments and / or muscles
surrounding the shoulder joint.

After the initial 6 weeks, to allow the soft tissue to recover from the
acute trauma, most shoulders will have lost some muscular strength and, as a
result, some of the stability of the joint.  Loading of this unstable joint,
as in weight training in the gym, at this time will increase likelihood of
re-injury or possibly re dislocation.  Consulting a Physiotherapist to
regain full range of movement and to work on specific exercises to
strengthen the rotator cuff muscles will restore stability of the joint and
allow a safe return to activities and sports.

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physiotherapists, please contact whichever location works best for you.

Kathy Murdoch