Covid-19 Recovery Program

Treloar Physio is now providing a Physiotherapy program for those recovering from Covid 19.

As industry leaders in exercise prescription, Physiotherapists now have unique challenges when navigating regular exercise for their Post-Covid patients.

In the recent past, our Public Health orders were changed so that patients infected with Covid-19 were mandated to isolate for five days and then were required to wear a mask for the following five days at their workplaces. This change benefitted workplace productivity / allowed schools to run; however, it has confused many regarding actual recovery from the virus. For many, this rule change came with the assumption that “if I am not contagious anymore, then I must be fully recovered from the virus.” Therefore, life should continue as usual (i.e. back to intramural sports, hikes, dog walks, long hours of work etc. ). Although it is possible that those with very mild symptoms can recover quickly, it is essential to understand that often this recovery takes longer and can be very complex- sometimes even managed by exercise professionals.

Current research suggests that, after moderate COVID-19 illness, a significant proportion of people will experience difficulties when returning to their normal activity levels. Infection surveys predict that up to 20% will continue to have symptoms for five weeks, and 10% of those infected with COVID-19 will continue to have symptoms for 12 weeks after initial symptoms onset.

As we are all aware, Covid symptoms can be very different from person to person. However, the most common symptoms that can affect returning to exercise are Fatigue, Shortness of Breath, Headaches, Chest tightness, Cough and Muscle Pain.

At Treloar physio, our entire gym space allows patients to get a sense of their baseline exercise levels and start working towards a gradual, individualized program tailored to their goals. Our initial consultation will consist of a comprehensive history and Cardiovascular Measurements to gather objective baseline data. Here the journey begins.

These visits can be billed as physiotherapy visits with extended health plans. Please note that you must be at least ten days post-infection to enroll in a post- Covid Physiotherapy appointment.

Physiotherapists providing covid recovery are Fraser Perry, Matt Szeto, Matthew Ney, Grace Lin, and Peter Kmiecik.