I dislocated my shoulder 4 months ago and haven’t received any care for it or worked out with it since then. I am 22 years old, healthy, and they told me the shoulder wasn’t too badly damaged but I still have trouble sleeping with it over my head and sudden movement can cause slight pain and discomfort. I was wondering if it is too late for physio? Have I done myself in by not getting any help earlier?

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic: Vancouver Physiotherapy

No, it is definitely not too late to improve your shoulder. With time and inactivity your shoulder muscles will become weaker so you need to know which exercise you should do to counter act this loss of strength. The stabilizing muscles of the scapula (shoulder blade) are very important in anchoring the shoulder complex so that normal shoulder activities do not cause undue strain on the various structures of the shoulder and cause secondary injuries such as tendonitis. You will probably lose a bit of mobility (range of motion) of the shoulder joint as well. With a dislocated shoulder this might actually be a good thing as it involves tightening of the capsule which was stretched in the first place when your shoulder dislocated. If there is a loss the physiotherapist will safely work with you to restore the range of motion.