Injury Free Tips for Outdoor Exercise

Written by Sarah Weller – Certified Exercise Physiologist, Cancer Recovery Exercise Program

The sun is finally shining and fresh air, mountains and outdoor workouts are calling! To help you stay injury free as you embrace the great outdoors on your next hike, grouse grind, trail run or even paddling adventure, here’s a few tips from one of our Aussie team members!


1. Avoid overheating: Exercising in the morning or evening will help you avoid the hottest part of the day. For activities where you are going to be outside for long periods or in direct sunlight, “slip, slop, slap”. Slip on a shirt (cover up where possible), slop on some sunscreen (SPF 30+ or greater and re-apply as needed) and slap on a hat and sunglasses.

2. Hydration is key. Hydration is key. Hydration is key. Repeat after me: Hydration is key! How you hydrate before and during your activity can impact your energy, performance and safety. Ensure you drink plenty  of fluids 24-hours prior to your outdoor exercise and also during it. Rehydration once you have finished is also important.

3. Warm up and cool-down. It might sound simple, but when it is hot outside, people often forget the basics of safe movement. A warm-up prepares your body for the harder activity ahead. It can be as simple as starting slower to ease your body into the activity, or possibly performing a dynamic warm-up. Once you are finished your activity and before heading to a patio to celebrate, a cool-down with gentle movement can help you recover.

4. Plan. If you are heading to the mountains, some basic planning will help to keep you safe and will also assist your packing. It is essential to know: the weather forecast (helps with gear requirements – what to wear and what to pack), the route (ensure you have the map on your phone!) and how long it should take (this helps you plan your water, food, shoes & clothing).

5. Have fun! One of the best parts of BC is our beautiful surroundings and how many options we have to be active outdoors. We hope you have an active summer. Following the steps above should help you take a step in the right direction!