New Year: How to Get Moving When the World Is At Home

There are natural times in the year for us to set new goals, to try harder, to start exercising, to eat better, and to change our habits.  Research would say most of us will not be successful so why do we still try and is there a way to be successful?  If we look at “exercise” the great stumbling block it is overcoming the inertia of not doing anything on a regular basis.

Remember that from an evolutionary standpoint our day used to have enough activity as we worked to survive; in fact, hunger or starvation were more of an issue.  Sitting all day in front of a computer is a new phenomenon so maybe we aren’t wired to look for exercise to offset this sedentary lifestyle.  So how do we beat this inertia?

  1. Set a goal that feels positive. Your activity doesn’t have to be hard unless that feels good to you.
  2. If you are trying to raise your heart rate set a length of time that feels easily attainable.
  3. Take a few deep breaths before you start so you are in the moment and able to bring your attention to your activity. Feel the sensations you get from moving.
  4. See if a family member or a friend will join you to set a goal and reach it together
  5. Keep a record of your activity. Go old school and write it on a paper calendar or in a journal so you can easily see your success and give yourself positive feedback for each day you do your activity.
  6. Have fun and do something you love!

Success doesn’t make you good or bad, it just helps to improve your physical and mental health.