Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is skilled hand movements used to assess and treat the joints, muscles and soft tissue throughout the body. Physiotherapists graduate with basic skills in manual therapy and continue to improve their skills through various continuing education options. One of our expectations at Treloar Physiotherapy is that our physiotherapists will work toward and complete their exams to become Fellows of the Canadian Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists Association (FCAMPT). To achieve this designation they must have excellent manual skills and a thorough knowledge of assessment and treatment approaches for patients with orthopaedic problems.


  • Increase range of motion    
  • Change muscle function and improve movement patterns            
  • Decrease pain        
  • Improve tissue mobility        
  • Reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or movement restriction
  • Induce relaxation

​​WHAT TO EXPECT                        

Your physiotherapist will perform a full assessment to determine what type of treatment approach is appropriate for you. Manual therapy treatment techniques can include speci c joint mobilizations (skilled passive techniques performed at varying speeds and varying forces to improve motion and alignment of the joint), soft tissue techniques (various techniques to alter the tension in both the muscle and connective tissue), and manipulation (a high speed but low amplitude mobilization of a joint). Specific exercises are almost always used as an adjunct with manual therapy to maintain the gains made with the treatment.

This service is offered at both our Cambie and Kerrisdale locations.