Ways to Stay in the Moment Outside this Summer in Vancouver

As fall is quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment today and share some ways for you to stay present and really soak in the last few weeks of summer. There is truly no better place to live than Vancouver, and summer is our shining moment. So we ask that you really sink into these final weeks of summer, stay present, and enjoy every minute of what our backyard in Beautiful BC has to offer. 

Here are a few suggestions we have put together for you to embrace the summer moments here in Vancouver:

  1. Enjoy some lazy days on the beach. Vancouver has so many wonderful beaches with views like none other. A few of our favourites are English Bay, Kitsilano Beach, Locarno Beach, Wreck Beach, and Sunset Beach. All of these have different elements that make them the perfect spot to disconnect & reconnect back to nature and yourself.

  2. Take a swim in a lake. There really is nothing like swimming in a warm local lake. Make sure to stop by White Pine Lake, Mystery Lake, or Alice Lake – all incredible spots to find a moment for you.

  3. Go for a walk on a trail – this doesn’t need to be a full out hike. It can simply be any trail near your home where you can walk, breathe in nature, and embrace the silence of what’s around you.

  4. Visit a local patio for dinner. Vancouver has so many wonderful restaurants with patios and views – so try to stop by and soak in the outdoor atmosphere while enjoying a delicious meal. A few noteworthy patio spots that come to mind for us are Carderos, Dockside, The Sandbar, and LIFT! Just to name a few.

  5. Last, but certainly not least, find a spot outside to sit and simply do nothing. This can be on a park bench or a spot on the grass nearby. Enjoy the warm sun on your face and breathe in the fresh, warm air while we still can.

Let’s recharge outside in whatever way suits you so we can settle in to work and school over the late fall and winter having had a great summer.  Just getting outside is more active than moving in our homes.