Why Clinical Pilates?

Written By Yvonne Lynch, Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor

At Treloar Physiotherapy, we have a full Pilates Studio with top of the line equipment where we offer Clinical Pilates sessions with a Physiotherapist.

These sessions are one on one and tailored just for you! As Physiotherapists, we are able to combine our knowledge of anatomy and rehabilitation with the Pilates approach to help you achieve your goals.

If you find that you have a recurring injury, like a “bad” shoulder or chronically tight hip flexors, Clinical Pilates may be helpful for you.  A lot of recurring or chronic issues are related to muscle imbalance and posture. With Clinical Pilates, you will have a full assessment with your Physiotherapist, who will then design a specific Pilates exercise plan for you and directly oversee your completion of the exercises.


Having your Physiotherapist cue your movements and correct your posture throughout your session is invaluable as form is so hard to self-monitor and many of us don’t realize when we may be doing the exercise incorrectly. Also, having someone select the exercises that your body needs can be an eye-opening experience. We love it when a client experiences the “aha moment” when they finally feel stable in their low back or how it feels to activate their glute muscles!

Another notable benefit of Clinical Pilates is the ability of the Physiotherapist to employ their other knowledge or tools that can support and elevate your session. For example, if the movement is restricted in your upper back, your Physiotherapist may choose to employ some manual therapy to improve this during your session before you move on to exercise.

This service can be helpful no matter where you are on the spectrum of activity.  If you are recovering from an acute injury we can help you rehabilitate.

If you are a new mom wondering what happened to your core we can help you find it again! If you are training for a marathon we can help you prevent injury and maximize performance. No matter what your level of activity or specific goal, Clinical Pilates can help get you the results you need!