I have somewhat chronic lower back pain – some days are worse than others. I work standing up and do a lot of walking, what is the best course of action?

Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic: Vancouver Physiotherapy

“Intermittent’ or on-and-off pain is commonly of chronic nature.  Prolonged standing and walking requires not only good physical alignment, posture and flexibility of your hips, but also endurance of your ‘core’ or deep stabilizing muscles in the pelvis and back, in order to hold you up against gravity in an efficient manner.  Subtle forces from the ground as well as rotational movements can also exacerbate some of the structures in your back including ligaments, ‘discs’, the vertebrae, and the joints along the spine.

An assessment of these key elements by a therapist should identify the specific mechanical or structural factors at fault, leading to a proper treatment plan to address your problem.  Depending on the your biomechanical examination findings, your therapist will elect to choose specific treatment techniques as deemed most appropriate, effective, and efficient in helping you with your recovery.