The Difference Between Clinical Pilates & Pilates

We commonly get asked what is clinical pilates and how is it different from a pilates class. At Treloar Physiotherapy, each clinical pilates session is one-on-one with a physiotherapist who has completed specialized training in pilates (if you have physiotherapy coverage with an insurance provider you may qualify for coverage for clinical pilates sessions with a physiotherapist). Each physiotherapist in our studio will complete a thorough assessment and come up with a treatment plan for your specific goals and needs.

How do I use clinical pilates with my clients? I have the privilege of not only working with orthopedic clients in our clinic, but also working in the studio using clinical pilates for movement training. We start with a thorough assessment that includes a discussion of what your goals are and what you would like to achieve. In our sessions, we will go through an exercise program based on your individualized treatment goals.

There may be times where I might pull from my physio tool box using joint mobilizations, manipulations, soft tissue work or dry-needling to restore the mechanics of a motion. This will be followed by exercise on a reformer or mat or other pilates props to promptly restore and re-train a motion that was previously restricted.

I have a lot of fun dreaming up ways for people to achieve their movement goals!  I see a wide variety of people: kids/teens/adults for sport specific training, dancers, gymnasts, desk job sitters turned weekend warriors, pre-natal and post-partum moms, post-injury, pre- or post-surgical clients, seniors wanting to improve balance, strength or movement using a guided, supported form of exercise. As you can see, pilates is great for everyone!

My objective is not to see someone forever (although some people love to come on a very regular basis!), but to guide you on how to move in a better way, so that you can achieve your goals and get back to the things you love doing. We can all move better, get stronger and have fun doing it!

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Written By: Christina Eng – Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist, Acupuncture, Gokavi Transverse Technique, Clinical Pilates Instructor