I sprained my ankle about 10 days ago while out of the country. Not fractured. Now that I am home, how can I maximize recovery? Should I see a physio?

I’ve developed a lack of mobility and pain in my left wrist, that only became apparent when trying to perform push-ups. I am right-handed and have a desk job, and haven’t traumatized the wrist (to the best of my knowledge) to warrant a sudden issue. Would physio be able to diagnose or help correct my issue?

I dislocated my shoulder 4 months ago and haven’t received any care for it or worked out with it since then. I am 22 years old, healthy, and they told me the shoulder wasnt too badly damaged but I still have trouble sleeping with it over my head and sudden movement can cause slight pain and discomfort. I was wondering if it is too late for physio? Have I done myself in by not getting any help earlier?

I’m 18 years old and I have scoliosis. My family doctor wants me to visit a physiotherapist regarding the pain I have in my lower back. I’m not very familiar with physiotherapy so I wanted to know a little bit more about it and what would I be expecting and how treatment would work.

I have developed pain, sensitivities and intense muscle tightness throughout my groin and lower abdominal area. I am a 28 year old avid recreational cyclist and believe this may be a result of strains from the sport. I went through a bout of this two years ago and the only the option that helped was a couple months of rest. I’m at my wits end and need some help so I can stay active. Who can I talk to?

I have terribly tense and sore shoulders and back. I sit down all day at work and towards the end of the day it becomes really uncomfortable. Would this be something you could help me with?

Do you work with TMJ?

I have had a few bad sprains in my 60 years. Currently suffering with a sore foot/ankle due to “torquing” when completing my golf swing. I golf from the right side and my left foot dislikes the experience. Is there anything I could do to lessen the soreness or eliminate it? I do ice it if required.

I felt a pull in my upper quad area after doing some lunges a few days ago – I went to practice soccer and when I kicked the ball and ran and stopped there is a lot of pain in the upper quad/groin area – Does this just need rest or would a physio benefit? It doesn’t hurt when I walk but currently there is a dull pain present.