My arms fall asleep at night as if the circulation has been cut off. What could be causing this?

I find it so hard to stay motivated to exercise during Vancouver’s fall/winter. It is so cold and wet. Any suggestions on fun ways to break a sweat indoors? I get bored at the gym.

I recently strained my neck and upper back. I have been going to massage therapy and have returned to work on a part time basis (I do gardening/landscaping) but I’m not 100% yet. Wondering if physio would help or is the exercise involved in my line of work enough?

I had a skiing injury, which resulted in a suspected undisplaced transverse fracture of the sacrum. Can physiotherapy help me? I am waiting for a CT scan to confirm.

I sprained my ankle about 10 days ago while out of the country. Not fractured. Now that I am home, how can I maximize recovery? Should I see a physio?

I’ve developed a lack of mobility and pain in my left wrist, that only became apparent when trying to perform push-ups. I am right-handed and have a desk job, and haven’t traumatized the wrist (to the best of my knowledge) to warrant a sudden issue. Would physio be able to diagnose or help correct my issue?

I dislocated my shoulder 4 months ago and haven’t received any care for it or worked out with it since then. I am 22 years old, healthy, and they told me the shoulder wasnt too badly damaged but I still have trouble sleeping with it over my head and sudden movement can cause slight pain and discomfort. I was wondering if it is too late for physio? Have I done myself in by not getting any help earlier?

I’m 18 years old and I have scoliosis. My family doctor wants me to visit a physiotherapist regarding the pain I have in my lower back. I’m not very familiar with physiotherapy so I wanted to know a little bit more about it and what would I be expecting and how treatment would work.

I have a sore elbow that seems to be getting worse. What would you recommend?

I have developed pain, sensitivities and intense muscle tightness throughout my groin and lower abdominal area. I am a 28 year old avid recreational cyclist and believe this may be a result of strains from the sport. I went through a bout of this two years ago and the only the option that helped was a couple months of rest. I’m at my wits end and need some help so I can stay active. Who can I talk to?