After having a baby I sometimes leak a little when I’m exercising or if I sneeze. Will this fix itself on its own over time or is it something physio can help?

All this rainy Vancouver weather has really made it difficult for me to get outside and practice my normal excerise routine. I am tired of the treadmill and elepitical. I need some fun ideas to get my body moving during this rainy season? Any suggestions?

I fell playing dodgeball just over a week ago and hurt my ankle and heel. I have been to the hospital and they are not sure if it is fractured but they put me in a cast boot and recommended I get physio to prevent future problems with my heel. My foot movement is very limited and sore to walk on. Should I go back to a doctor or physio? I am a very active person and want to be able to get back to my activites as soon as I can.

I have pain in the back of my right knee when bending/kneeling and putting weight on it. Is this an injury that physio can help with?

My arms fall asleep at night as if the circulation has been cut off. What could be causing this?

I find it so hard to stay motivated to exercise during Vancouver’s fall/winter. It is so cold and wet. Any suggestions on fun ways to break a sweat indoors? I get bored at the gym.

I recently strained my neck and upper back. I have been going to massage therapy and have returned to work on a part time basis (I do gardening/landscaping) but I’m not 100% yet. Wondering if physio would help or is the exercise involved in my line of work enough?

I had a skiing injury, which resulted in a suspected undisplaced transverse fracture of the sacrum. Can physiotherapy help me? I am waiting for a CT scan to confirm.