Do you work with TMJ?

I have had a few bad sprains in my 60 years. Currently suffering with a sore foot/ankle due to “torquing” when completing my golf swing. I golf from the right side and my left foot dislikes the experience. Is there anything I could do to lessen the soreness or eliminate it? I do ice it if required.

I felt a pull in my upper quad area after doing some lunges a few days ago – I went to practice soccer and when I kicked the ball and ran and stopped there is a lot of pain in the upper quad/groin area – Does this just need rest or would a physio benefit? It doesn’t hurt when I walk but currently there is a dull pain present.

I have somewhat chronic lower back pain – some days are worse than others. I work standing up and do a lot of walking, what is the best course of action?

I have been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter disease and I’ve had it chronically for more than 10 years. My knees have always been turned inward. Last week, I hurt my knee/shin area playing soccer. What is the best course of action for these separate issues? Could they be related?

When I’m swimming free-style laps my lower back hurts. To counter, I use a float between my legs hence no exercise for the lower body. Is it simply a matter of possibly weak abs/obliques?